Furniture Collection by Polina Pidtsan

Luxurious private interiors are always complex and made-to-order. The highest level of aesthetics and comfort required in such projects cannot be achieved without pieces of furniture made to order according to the architect’s designs. In each project of Polina Pidtsan’s bureau, there are a lot of such items, from built-in interior elements, such as doors and walk-in-closets, to freestanding cabinet furniture. The archives of our bureau have many models of creative and nobly-proportioned furniture in the style of American classics and Art Deco, executed in collaboration with leading manufacturers in Russia, Italy and the USA.

The star of Polina Pidtsan’s furniture line is undoubtedly the decorative Art Deco buffet, which she considers an integral part of every ceremonial dining room. This and other items of the furniture line can be commissionet not only within the framework of the interior project, but also as independent products.

Custom-made furniture is what gives the interiors a timeless charm and makes them truly unique.

Our furniture in interiors